Welcome to my blogsite!!

Can i get to this comic for the con….i hope so. Not making a ton of progress on the drawing side, but im figuring alot out story-wise. Im actually really excited to get back to it!


Wow, its been a long time since i’ve visited my blogsite!!

Hopefully no one has noticed! But i am getting closer to figuring thigs out, now i just have to fill it with art. “Sigh”

Heres a little something I have been working on at Maverix Studios to tide you over while i get my stuff together.


and a bit from my comic Blind Faith


After fumbling around with Dreamweaver and settling for moonfruit. Im giving it another shot!!

Hopefully the technology has gotten smart enough to communicate with an artist type like myself.

Please be patient as i learn to take my website into my own hands!!