Enlisted in the Clone Wars

Its been a while since ive touched this blog. So much has happend since last I blogged. The big news is that since October of last year I have enlisted in the Clone Wars Crew at Lucas Film Animation. I was very fortunate to make the cut and am currently working on my second episode. The last episode of season one aired last Friday, and all I can say is that they only get better. Im still a member of the Maverix Co-op and Im getting ready for the comic con this year. Stay tuned as i post excerpts as the comic progresses. Until then, “May the Force Be With You”.


2 thoughts on “Enlisted in the Clone Wars

  1. Vaughn…not sure u remember who i am, 8th grade, Mr. Thurmans class, the only other half-breed, Brandon Hayes???…Checking out sites and i saw this blog, and i was like NO WAY…bro it is good to see u achive ur dreams, off the hook!!!, I always knew u were going to be famous after u made that commander chihuahua “comic book”, pure talent….and good to see that you made it, but more importantly are encouraged by something bigger then yourself. My son can draw really good, he is 9, and he is always drawing up his own comics ( better then TV ) and when he shows them to me, i always tell him the story about you and your commander chihuahua comic, and he’s like “dad you told me that 15 times already”. Just wanted to say Hey! and big up’s on all your success, and to boot you work on the clone wars :), my son and i watch that faithfully !!! Take care, and throw some clone wars spoilers at me j/k …..later bro….you can contact me if you wish at hammiesdad05@yahoo.com

    • Brandon Hayes!!
      Hey man. Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t been keeping up with my blog.
      Of course i remember you! Thanks for the kind words, how are you doing?

      Funny, ive been getting hit up by some of the old Claudia Landeen folks.

      Thanks for visiting my blogsite, keep coming by ill be posting more often!

      (Maybe even some Clone Wars Stuff 😉

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