Baboon farmer

I’ve been on a weblog craze this week. I have been digging through my archives to flesh out the rest of my site and came arcross this funny guy.
I designed him for a video game that was called “Monkey Farm”.


Late night post

I’m going to really make an effort to keep the content coming on my blog. Here is a quick color of a sketch I did before the Con. I will also be uploading the other pages of the site daily. Thanks for the patience… I know it’s long over due.


Last Comic Con print is done!

Scootin n tootin

So now I’m off to SF to get them printed and pick up my sketch books. It’s been a mad dash but I’m so glad I got something together.

This year’s SD Comic Con, I will be in the artist alley between the Lovely Sho Murase and the Muscle of Sergio Paez. Maverix in effect!

My table number is GG02.

See you in Diego!!