My time with “Clone Wars” has come to an end…

As I sit here on Monday morning after a run around Lake Merritt with Midnite, my dog and personal trainer, tt seems surreal that I won’t be making that morning commute with Tu Anh up Lucas Valley Road. For 5 years I made that 45 minute commute and not once did it seem too far to travel to work on a project of my childhood dreams. I remember the day it hit me. I was in Walgreens getting some film developed for a class I was taking with Joel Aron. The clerk told me it would be 10 minutes before my pictures would be ready, so I decided to browse the aisles. As I walked over to the toy section, there they where, Star Wars Clone Wars action figures. I remembered that feeling I had when I was 10 years old walking those aisles, wanting the Tie Fighter and Millenium Falcon so bad it hurt. Playing with those toys and watching the movies filled me with such wonder and imagination. Now I was being paid to do the exact thing I loved as a child. We were creating stories and memories with known and new characters in the Star Wars universe for the next generation. And to top it off we made these shows under the direct supervision of the Man himself, Mr. George Lucas. Not only did he let us play with his toy box but we had the privilege of working at the Ranch. It was no less than creative paradise. The past five years have been unbelievable, working next to such talented good people, some that I’ve know for years, and others that I had the privilege to get to know, and all who will be friends for a lifetime. “One love” to my LAL fam bam. I will especially miss my crew from the story trenches, team “Avengers”, led by the fearless Steward Lee.  And Dave Filoni, what more can I say than ‘passion personified’. How he kept the rolodex of the Star Wars universe in his memory bank was utterly baffling. I look forward to what he does next; it will be epic. I have no doubt the the next phase of Star Wars will be inspired as well, but I’m so thankful for being able to contribute to the last of George’s vision.

The force will always be with me. May it also be with you…

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