Clone Wars wins the Emmy!

Clone Wars wins the Emmy!

I thought I had posted this before so I realize it’s oldish news. Now that I’m moving on to other things outside the StarWars Universe I thought I should document this great achievement by the brilliant team at LucasFilm. Dave Filoni, Carey Silver, and Athena Portillo led us into battle to carry out George Lucas’ vision and all that hard work paid off. Sad to see the show end with so many more epic stories in the queue, but great to finally be recognized. It was long overdue.

Much love to my Clone Wars Family. What a ride!

Special shout out to Roland Yopez, Clone Wars Story Artist  who designed the Emmy banner on the top of the post.

Here is a clip of the ceremony.

Test Scene with Toon Booms “Storyboard Pro”

I must admit, I had my reservations about this program after being a faithful user of Mirage/TVPaint. I still like the drawing and painting tools in TVP better, but the ability to mock 3d camera moves, quickly edit, and add sound/dialog on the fly makes it a very powerful production tool. Here is a little test I did from a movie I’m sure you will recognize. The point of this exercise was to wrap my head around the software. My final analysis: for strictly storyboarding in a production setting my vote goes to Storyboard Pro, for taking your storyboards all the way through to a final 2d animated film I’d go with TVPaint.