Stockton Con 2013

Stockton Con was held in the Stockton Arena, a building that was built after I left, but just before the city went bankrupt. The attendance was pretty impressive considering it was only the 2nd year running. What I really liked about the Stockton Con was that it felt like Wonder Con and Comic Con used to feel back in the day. Stockton Con was all about COMICS and collectables. There was lots of cosplay to go around. The 501st was in the house along with Linda Blaire.

It’s been a couple years since my last comic con. Intense deadlines at work made it tough for me do any personal work to justify the price of travel and expenses of participating in Comic Con and Wonder Con.  I was a bit hesitant to show at Stockton Con because I felt unprepared, but….Stockton is my hometown. How could I not go and give back to the city of my childhood memories? Funny thing is, I was the one who was inspired.  You could feel that this event was special.  A positive event in a struggling city. I thought back to the days when I would frequent Al’s Comics on miracle mile. What I would have given to have had a Stockton Con back then!

I had fun neighbors in Artist Alley, shout out to Ricardo Padilla of “Latino Comics Expo”, some amazing adobo, and great conversations with aspiring artists and comic book fans. I saw an old pal from high school, Eric Compo who brought along a drawing I did in high school. I was speechless, looking  at that drawing sent me flying back to 1989. I got to see some old friends from back in the day. I was surreal to see my present and past come together.  It give me perspective on where I’m from,  and who I have become. Thank you Stockton Con, I will see you next year.


Here are the sketches I did for Stockton Con….


Yoda_sketch ventress01 copy TMNT02  storm  photo photo (1)

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