Storyboard from life…

In an effort to get warmed up with Storyboard Pro I’m going to do a storyboard from life.

My three story choices are..

1. How I got my dog MIdnight.


2. Trouble at the bmx track as a kid.


3. The birth of my daughter.



Im leaning towards the bringing home Midnight. But the others have more comedy value…hmmmmm.



New studio space..


First day of actual prepping of my new studio space in downtown Oakland. I will be sharing the space with a good friend of mine who has a network security company. So far it’s been lots of hellish trips to IKEA and Home Depot. My goal is to be set up by friday. I made good progress today, so I’m hopeful.

View from the window.

Clone Wars wins the Emmy!

Clone Wars wins the Emmy!

I thought I had posted this before so I realize it’s oldish news. Now that I’m moving on to other things outside the StarWars Universe I thought I should document this great achievement by the brilliant team at LucasFilm. Dave Filoni, Carey Silver, and Athena Portillo led us into battle to carry out George Lucas’ vision and all that hard work paid off. Sad to see the show end with so many more epic stories in the queue, but great to finally be recognized. It was long overdue.

Much love to my Clone Wars Family. What a ride!

Special shout out to Roland Yopez, Clone Wars Story Artist  who designed the Emmy banner on the top of the post.

Here is a clip of the ceremony.

TVPaint Lazybrush plugin.

I have recently been doing some research and comparing the use of TVPaint vs Toon Boom. Toon Boom (US company) seems to be becoming the standard in the US while TVPaint (French) seems to be used more in Europe. I’m really enjoying the workflow aspects of Toon Boom, but the drawing tools in TVPaint are much better. TVPaint just dropped this new Lazy Brush plugin that I think is a 2d animation game changer! If anyone else has used these programs I’d love to here your opinion on how they compare…

Back on TVP10

Kat on TVP10

Its been a while since Ive used TVPaint. But I recently have updated my software to work on some freelance projects. Wow am I falling in love with this software all over again. I recently did a storyboard job in photoshop, and it did the trick. But TVP10 blows doors on photoshop for storyboarding/animation in my opinion. Lookin forward to doing more personal work. 🙂