Test Scene with Toon Booms “Storyboard Pro”

I must admit, I had my reservations about this program after being a faithful user of Mirage/TVPaint. I still like the drawing and painting tools in TVP better, but the ability to mock 3d camera moves, quickly edit, and add sound/dialog on the fly makes it a very powerful production tool. Here is a little test I did from a movie I’m sure you will recognize. The point of this exercise was to wrap my head around the software. My final analysis: for strictly storyboarding in a production setting my vote goes to Storyboard Pro, for taking your storyboards all the way through to a final 2d animated film I’d go with TVPaint.

Back on TVP10

Kat on TVP10

Its been a while since Ive used TVPaint. But I recently have updated my software to work on some freelance projects. Wow am I falling in love with this software all over again. I recently did a storyboard job in photoshop, and it did the trick. But TVP10 blows doors on photoshop for storyboarding/animation in my opinion. Lookin forward to doing more personal work. 🙂